Bboy Summit 2017 Healing The World Thru Hip-Hop | August 12-13, 2017

Bboy Summit 2017 Healing The World Thru Hip-Hop
August 12 – August 13
Aug 12 at 12 PM to Aug 13 at 7 PM

No Easy Props is proud to present BBoy Summit Healing the World Thru Hip-Hop.

The mission is crucial and we know Hip-Hop works. It teaches, challenges, uncovers, and reveals the truth. Who we are, collectively diverse together, and how we live. It’s our values of each one teach one, respect for self-determination and for multiculturalism. We connect with one another upon skills, knowledge, and community involvement, uniting to bring the mission to fruition.

A lifestyle throughout the ages, we mature in Hip-Hop and through it, refine and shape ourselves. No Easy Props, serving as a lifelong motto of inspiration. This is what the Summit is and reflects, us, how we get down, our style, rawness, appeal, flavor, that can always be tested.

If you break, rap, dj, and write graffiti because it’s your lifestyle, or are a purveyor of the lifestyle you know that this culture is timeless and ageless. For the very young and the old. From the pros to the protégées, the activists, the competitors, the teachers, the students, and the masters, this is something special just for you!

Featuring: 2on2 battles in: Breaking, Popping, and Freestyle; Healing the World Thru Hip-Hop panel; Graffiti show; Performances; Raw Ciphers, MZK Crew vs. Crew Hip-Hop Hoops Park Jam, Kids battle and Hip-Hop marketplace.

The Bboy Summit’s 20+ year history is illuminated by the rich contribution to the publics understanding of Hip-Hop culture through both visual presentation of the elements of Hip-Hop along with educational panels that detail the transmission of Hip-Hop’s cultural art-forms of Bboying/Bgirling (often called break dance), Deejaying, Emceeing, and Graffiti art around the globe, entrenched in a deep tradition of community activism and folk art culture roots in response to social-economic suppression and racism.

No Easy Props, Inc. is a 501c3 status organization committed to preserving Hip-Hop culture by providing quality Hip-Hop cultural dance, art, and music education, and entertainment for young people through engaging workshops, performances, panels, interactive cyphers and competitive events throughout the communities of Los Angeles and beyond. The goal is to provide a platform to engage youth, on their own terms, and build self-esteem, community, leadership and the importance of cultivating their own individuality and appreciation for diversity, all the while having fun!

Cal State L.A.
5151 State University Dr.
Los Angeles, CA 90032

625 S LaFayette Park Pl.
Los Angeles, CA 90057

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  1. This is extremely wonderful and I salute you for doing such a fabulous event. I’m an up-and-coming manager and it’s a brother on the West Coast that I have a great deal of respect for and hopefully we will see him speak on one of your panels, his name is Jazzy from Jazzy Management he’s helped quite a few artists and managers understand the music business. He spoke at UCLA a couple of years ago and I haven’t stop speaking about him since. He educated us on the proper way to copyright or music, he broke down how streaming revenue works, he taught us the proper way to fill out split sheets, he also educated us on monetizing or YouTube channels to generate revenue, he also spoke on encoding music through BDS and to top it off he also encouraged all artists to get involved with SoundExchange. He was by far one of the most knowledgeable managers I’ve ever seen and I’m constantly speaking highly of him. He would be a wonderful person to include on any industry panel because he is so knowledgeable of the music business. It blows my mind that he’s not on some TV show our radio show it’s very few individuals willing to share such knowledge of the business in today’s business

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