Los Angeles based Rap duo with a golden era sound, buried beneath a refreshing taste of new school. ZOOLAY was formed in 2007 & is comprised of 2 mc’s, Don Ron and iLLz One.

“Break Bread” is the 1st single and video released by up and coming duo ZOOLAY. The song is produced by DIBIA$E
and it is from the forthcoming LP: UNDENIABLE set to be released August 26th, 2016.
You can Listen and pre-order full length LP now on i-Tunes.

ZOOLAY – Break Bread (Official Music Video) – Prod.By Dibia$e

ZOOLAY debuted in the L.A. underground scene with a mixtape entitled THE APE TAPE.
This project was released in the fall of 2008 and was hosted by DJ Tommy Blak of Project Blowed.
In a very short time THE APE TAPE quickly spread throughout the So.Cal area, before eventually making its way up the coast to the Northern Sections of California: San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose.

New listeners became aware of a new group on the west coast starting to make noise.
Despite only 1000 units being printed,
THE APE TAPE eventually gained a substantial street-buzz and high recognition that the group knew it had enough potential to move forward and take things to a higher level.

MC’s (DonRon and iLLz One) continued forward eventually meeting Drop City Yacht Club’s premiere producer T.H.X Beats.
T.H.X is best known for his works and production credits with such artist as Snoop Dogg, Xzibit, Murs, David Banner, and Problem to name a few.
T.H.X provided some of the production on ZOOLAY’s sophomore project “Blood, Sweat & Beers”.
Blood, Sweat & Beers featured all original compositions and was released on October of 2010.

Living off the success of the first 2 projects, the anticipation for their next album release “West Kept Secret” in 2012 was huge.
During the promotion of this album is how most people caught on to ZOOLAY.
West Kept Secret (LP) is the very reason the band began touring outside of the state.

ZOOLAY – 40 Acres & A Blunt – feat. Kron Don #StrongArmSteady

Performing in markets they had never been to before.
Cities such as Seattle, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Portland, Albuquerque, Denver, and Reno were some of the stops outside of California to name a few.
While touring and doing shows in these various cities, ZOOLAY eventually met and collaborated with the legendary group THE BEATNUTS from the East Coast.
THE BEATNUTS who are pioneers in hip hop via their production works and classic party hits, began to tour and record with ZOOLAY until eventually penning an EP deal with THE BEATNUTS new label imprint PIT FIGHT RECORDS for a future release.
THE BEATNUTS began to develop and mentor ZOOLAY, thus taking them under their wing and showing them ropes of the music industry.
The release of ZOOLAY’s West Kept Secret has not only solidified the band’s stay power in the music industry, but has taken it to International markets as well.
Presently Hip Hop fans across the world have purchased, downloaded and supported all of the band’s releases.
The album “West Kept Secret” has been regarded as cutting edge and innovative by critics worldwide.
ZOOLAY prides itself on being original and not following trends, nor penciling rhymes that are simple or lack substance;
Furthermore, ZOOLAY decided to title their album “West Kept Secret” because even though many music fans worldwide are aware of their movement – so many have yet to find out about this inspirational hip hop duo.
The Album West Kept Secret featured collaborations and productions from the likes of Dibiase, T.H.X of Drop City Yacht Club, The Beatnuts, Exile, Planet Asia, Strong Arm Steady, Psycho Les, LMNO and many more.
Moreover, ZOOLAY has been rumored to be working with Alchemist for future releases.
STILL LIVIN PROOF (2015) and Beyond…

Zoolay – Haters & DickRiders – feat. Planet Asia

As of recent, ZOOLAY has been currently locked in the studio in preparation for their 2016 releases.
They have since completed a 6 song (EP) entitled “STILL LIVIN PROOF” as well as recorded about 30+plus songs towards a new full length album -set to be released in the 3rd quarter of 2016.
Still Livin Proof will be the bands 3rd official studio release and is composeed of six songs that pay tribute to one of Hip Hop’s classic releases “Livin Proof” as recorded by Group Home of the Gangstarr Foundation.
The production for this project was inspired by what is said to be some of DJ Premier’s greatest work of all time.
The Project’s producer T.H.X -Recreated Dj Premiere’s beats LIVE in the studio, which originally were heavily centered around samples and looping.
The production is a refreshing breath of fresh air and some of the best music to come out of the golden era years of Hip Hop.

ZOOLAY – Livin Proof feat. Sunset Brown

Any true lover of the Hip-Hop culture is sure to nod their head to each track,
while ZOOLAY takes the responsibility of spitting perfectly crafted rhymes and hooks, while conveying a positive message at the same time,
The stories painted on Still Livin Proof – are vivid, entertaining and will definitely win the listener over one track at a time.
Additionally the project will even feature Gangstarr’s own LIL DAP and JERU THE DAMAJA, to make it official and fully paying homage to Group Home.

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