Ohana Tree @ Los Globos | April 16, 2017

Featuring B. Dolan, Dj Abilities, Cas One Vs Figure, & Dope KNife live

Featuring: B. Dolan
Dj Abilities, Cas One Vs Figure, Dope KNife
The Four Horseman Tour
Also Featuring: Besatree, Analog Dive, & FreeWill

Live Art/Live Hip-Hop Event


This event is 19 and over

Los Globos – Indie/Dance
3040 W. Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, California, 90026


B. Dolan
B. Dolan is an explosive, confrontational hip-hop lyricist and performer from Providence, RI who first came on the scene in 2008. Starting with a lo-fi, apocalyptic concept record titled “The Failure,” Dolan floored listeners with tracks that were at turns personal, poetic, sweeping and strange. Years ahead of it’s time stylistically, it was released by Sage Francis’ Strange Famous imprint, where fans began slowly gravitating to the album and to Dolan’s intense live performances. One of those fans, producer Alias, would become the sole collaborator on Dolan’s 2010 follow up “Fallen House, Sunken City”, an underground rap opus that was praised by critics and fans alike, cementing Dolan’s place in the landscape.

Turning to hip-hop’s favorite unofficial format to explore different styles and experiment, Dolan then released a three part mixtape series titled “House of Bees vols. 1-3” Political mixtape tracks like “Film the Police,” “Which Side Are You On?” and “The Devil is Alive” would become some of the rapper’s biggest anthems, while an exhaustive worldwide tour schedule won an army of fans for the unlikely bearded emcee from the Northeast.

in 2015, Dolan upped the ante yet again by self-producing “KILL THE WOLF”, an entire LP with a cast of over 30 musicians, vocalists and beatmakers. This 5-year opus in the making reinforces Dolan’s status as a complex lyricist and introduces him as a ambitious, versatile producer who’s dedicated as ever to vision and concept over fleeting hip-hop trends. “Kill The Wolf” features contributions from a diverse group of peers that included Kathleen Stubelek of the hardcore act Circle Takes the Square, Dave Lamb from Brown Bird, Buck 65 and Aesop Rock.

Since his signing to SFR, Dolan has toured exhaustively and internationally to win himself a devoted cult following. So far his continually shapeshifting presentation, outsider perspective, and masterful execution have kept them coming back. KILL THE WOLF TOUR 2016 is B. Dolan’s first headlining tour of North America. It begins this March and will continue throughout the year

Dj Abilities
Billy Freekin Dee. In the beginning… there were turntables on a hardwood floor. DJ’ing for the first six months was done on the ground with a case of beer. Eventually he got a table a mpc and better. With this betterness he was able to release 2 mixtapes, produce 4 full length albums, win 2 DMC’s and play hundreds of shows. He is now combining all of these experiences together to create one performance that you can dance to or sit back and enjoy. or hate. Dj Abilities for 2011.