The Tommy Chong Blazers Cup is a 2 day celebration of the best medical marijuana in California, recognizing the premier MMJ growers, breeders, edible chefs and extract artists. With over 500+ marijuana vendors and an estimated 25K+ attendees, this show is set to be an epic weekend!

Saturday Dec 2 & Sunday Dec 3, 2017 at the NOS Events Center in San Bernardino.

This event is a GREAT opportunity to see what the best cannabis brands have to offer with many FREE samples and product giveaways ALL WEEKEND!

We got you covered when you get the munchies. Enjoy food from 40+ food vendors and watch live performances all weekend.

Attendees from out of state CAN enjoy this event as welll. You DO NOT need a medical marijuana card to enjoy the concert.

To enjoy the Prop 215 medicated area with all the MMJ vendors you must be 18+ with valid California doctor’s recommendation OR 21+ with Valid Califonia ID.

If you do not have a doctor’s recommendation, you CAN get your medical marijuana card at the event. We will have doctors all weekend issuing rec cards and you can PRIVATELY get your rec card at Blazers Cup.

Event hours will be:

Saturday December 2, from 12 to 11pm

Sunday December 3, from 12 to 10pm

Early bird tickets WILL SELL OUT FAST! We have issued a small handful of early bird tickets and WILL increase the price once early bird tickets sell out OR on 10/1. Which ever comes first.

We have MANY surprises lined up for this years Blazers Cup. Get your early bird tickets NOW and thank us later.